5 Effective Tips To Overcome Post-coronavirus Recruitment Challenges

We are experiencing a thoroughgoing change that the coronavirus pandemic has imposed on us. COVID-19 has affected everything, hence it has also got us thinking about what the post-coronavirus world that we’re going to see when this pandemic ends. But, right now, we’re in the decline market, and the blurry images of the forthcoming future are not of good cheer. It isn’t too hopeful for business because they aren’t seeing any growth spurts in the near future. Regardless of what the pandemic has done to businesses around the world, there are plenty of questions creating disturbances, specifically for recruitment agencies.
Will the coronavirus outbreak turn the work from home into the new reality? Would it be beneficial to invest in digital interviewing tools? However, it’s hard to stick to the only positive thought that the economy will come on the track again and organizations will have to resume the hiring process - and in most cases, companies will hire for the posts that were vacated during the crises. It is going to be a masterstroke, if played well. From an economy with the dearth of talent to the one with the potential unemployment and a remote work culture, everything will be changed.

COVID-19 pandemic is, unfortunately, having a huge impact on businesses and the recruitment industry is, of course, not habitual of that. Businesses are learning to adapt changes quickly in order to survive. However, it’s no wonder in saying that the legacy of COVID-19 will change the nature of recruitment forever and the workplace landscape as well. But, how will recruitment planning look after the pandemic ends?
It’s pretty clear that recruiting agencies are hiring less or not hiring at all. But the moment the market will reopen, you might have to do mass hirings as most companies have laid-off their staff in order to prevent business from fall-down. So, you must utilize this time to formulate recruitment plans for post-pandemic opportunities. Our panel of Human Resource (HR) experts leads this conversation by measuring the pros and cons of today’s coronavirus impacted workforce reality and share 5 tips to overcome post-coronavirus recruitment challenges. Before addressing the major challenges that recruiters will have to face, we’d enlighten how the recruitment process will change after coronavirus.

The Recruitment Strategy Will Have to Be Changed

When the economy bounces back, businesses will open and you’ll start recruiting. You would soon realize that everything has changed, things are not as they were earlier, the pandemic has sparked long-term effects on the recruitment process. Your old recruitment strategy has expired, and you need to build-up a new hiring strategy by analyzing new market norms - the one that’s relevant, and can be easily implemented - or you’ll lose customers, who may switch to your competitors if their needs aren’t met. So, better study your competitor and here are some challenges that may interrupt your success, so get ready to overcome these challenges as well.

Post-coronavirus Challenges That Business May Need To Address

If you want to recruit effectively after this pandemic ends, you must accept that changes are inevitable, and it’s important that you abide by these (below) changes in your recruitment strategies;

  • 1. The effects of the COVID-19 outbreak on the global economy will last for years to come

  • 2. Technology will play an ever-improved role in all business sectors

  • 3. The increased use of technology will create skills gaps

  • 4. The existing staff will need counseling to accept the change

  • 5. Training to upskill employees will be essential to ensure they remain agile and adaptable

  • 6. Employees who are not able to adapt to these changes will have to be laid off

  • 7. The skill gaps may have to be filled by hiring remote workers

  • 8. Remote teams will be widely entertained

  • 9. The recruitment strategy will need to have a hiring process in place for remote workers

  • 10. Companies will need to plan a budget for investing in technology to support remote teams

Once you convince your mind to overcome these challenges, it won’t be tough to win the market again. Here are some effective tips that will help you a lot in post-coronavirus recruiting.

1: Harness HR Technology to Communicate, Recruit and Monitor Productivity
Technology is the key aspect to be expected to help all teams, especially HR professionals to manage communication, recruit, and increase collaboration & productivity during this time of COVID-19 crisis.
“HR technologies support employers’ efforts to focus on business continuity plans and strategies.” HR technologies are so advanced that they can be leveraged to increase engagement in current teams during the Coronavirus crisis amid social distancing as well as in the management of ongoing recruitment.

2. Digital Recruiting & Onboarding
Gone are the days when new joiners used to gather together for onboarding ceremonies. Coronavirus has changed everything and recruitment is also on the hit list. “Industries should heavily rely on digital for all aspects from recruitment, interview to onboarding and even termination pay as well.” Doing will bring some notable changes to recruitment as well.

3. Keep Moving Forward During these uncertain times, the only way forward is to go through it. Recruiting may not be a top priority right now, but things are going to be normal in the future, and that’s why recruiting should not stop. So, you need to
Adjust your hiring process and goals accordingly
Be agile and position your company to find the best talent
Virtual Reality will soon become an essential key to ensure success in recruiting. As the pandemic has forced most HR teams to work remotely, Virtual Interviewing Technology is the only way to get better outputs from your recruiting efforts. In-person interviews, Onboarding and face-to-face meetings have now switched online.

4. Invest in Agile Assessment Solution
“Recruitment and related marketing strategies that remain the same as before COVID-19 will likely fail due to the following reasons:
1. Shifts in the labor environment
2. Changes in regulations around how nonessential businesses can conduct daily operations
3. The pace at which hiring needs to happen in many industries

“The virus revealed the need for technologies that support a remote workforce environment, needs that were previously misunderstood, undervalued or unknown.

“Businesses must now account for this immediate shift, which includes updated and revised talent acquisition processes. Agile digital interviewing and assessment solutions deliver efficiencies and predictive insights for multiple HR processes, including candidate assessment and prioritization.

5. Streamline Your Hiring Process Leveraging Online Platforms
“Video is now the interview process. Use it well, with more structure and hiring team coordination, and use it creatively, with one-way interviews, group interviews, and candidate presentations. Augment with online assessments as this can round out the interview picture and make up for what you lose by not being face-to-face.
“LinkedIn is necessary, but insufficient, and too many companies are overly reliant on it. Marketing strategies must integrate the four major platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) and newer, more focused platforms (doximity, meetup, reddit, and even Care.com)
So, it’s clear that your old hiring strategy won’t work the same in this hard time. Therefore, you should focus on streamlining your recruitment technology to boost & improve your recruitment process.

How Can SylanTech Help Your Company Overcoming Post-Coronavirus Recruitment Challenges?

After the pandemic ends, there will be a bounce in job application because most people have lost their jobs. An abrupt surge in job applications may feel your recruiting staff overburdened and stressed. SylanTech will help you save time, reduce overheads, resources and efforts by automating applications and candidate tracking processes.

Posting through ATS prompts a wider net on different job boards to attract the right talent, so you can easily cover up the skill gap that has been settled in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

Our professional HR executives will help your company by building a talent pipeline with top qualified and most skilled candidates. It would be ready to use whenever the need arises. It will give you an edge over your competitors even in this time of COVID-19 pandemic.

SylanTech can help you prepare today for tomorrow’s post pandemic world. We will clear the picture of your company’s post-pandemic version and figure out what you need to do to get highly talented people onboard amidst the Coronavirus outbreak.